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Posted on December 8th, 2010 by

Hello loves!

I just had a really simple thought that didn’t require much research for you this week.

I had a flashback this week to an ordinary, warm and beautiful summer evening.  My Dad and I were doing some project in the back yard when my Dad’s friend Mark, completely unannounced and unexpected, showed up in our driveway with a smile and a wave.  My Dad, being the natural host, was thrilled to welcome him with a “Hey!  Welcome!  What’s up?”  Mark said, “nothin!  I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I’d stop by and say hello.”

I think my Dad and I were both a little surprised by this.  I couldn’t remember the last time someone was simply “in the neighborhood” and without agenda, stopped by to say hello, but that’s exactly what Mark did that fine evening.  He lived at least 15 minutes away from our house, but during some errands, on a whim, he thought of us and decided to see if we were home.  Mark joined my Dad and I for a glass of lemonade on the deck for maybe a half an hour, not a tremendously substantial visit, but it was a very special moment between friends.

Tuesday last week, in the midst of Christmas in Christ Chapel rehearsal, I was working on some homework in Linner Lounge.  I heard a knock on the door and turned to see my friend Bonnie waving through the glass.  She came in and sat down and I asked, “Hey, What’s up?” And she answered, “Oh, not a whole lot, I just wanted to come in and pay you a visit.”  And once again, I was almost dumbstruck by my own expectation that something as simple as a nice conversation needed some sort of formal or informal agenda.  Instead, Bonnie was just in the neighborhood.  She was on the way from the caf to the library, as many of us often are, and just wanted to chat.  She gave me the rare gift of taking a minute to be fully present with someone. Take off my headphones, close my computer, push my to-do list out of my head, and enjoy the simple pleasure of someone’s company, no strings attached.

I suppose this is a thank you to Bonnie and Mark for reminding me of the importance of extending an invitation to be present.  So I would love to extend that welcome to all of you, at any time, whenever you are in the neighborhood, to come join us in our own CVR living room or anywhere on campus.  All of us would love the chance to simply enjoy your company.




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