A word from Kelsey Koch this lovely finals week!

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Lovely Friends of the CVR,

Ben here again!  Classes are coming to a close!  Hope you are all keeping your head above, well, the snowdrifts that seem to embody finals week.  The blog this week is from my friend Kelsey Koch, Sophomore CVR enthusiast who’s a part of the Servant Leadership Program this year.  I got the chance to have a great conversation with her last week in the Courtyard Caf as we both reflected on our Semesters, and what I heard from Kelsey was a beautifully honest and courageous story that I asked her to share with all of you.  So go ahead and read on!  Here is what she wanted to share:

So I’m transferring.  It’s funny because in the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to have a conversation with anyone without the obligatory question rising, “So why are you doing it?”  And to be honest, I never really have a good answer to share.  Sure, it has something to do with my major.  And sure, the cold St. Peter winds can sometimes get to me.  But it’s so much more than that.  It’s something that’s so deep inside of me that I can’t properly convey it through menial words.  See, I know I could be happy here at Gustavus for another two and a half years.  I love my friends, respect my professors, and let’s be honest, the food at my next school will probably be a step down.  But I couldn’t be more sure that I’m doing the right thing.  There comes a point where you have to look inside yourself.  When you have to consider your values, your purpose, and your dreams, and you have to know, for yourself alone, what it will take for all of those to align.  It’s a risk.  It’s a big, terrifying risk.  Because Gustavus is home.  And in a larger sense, the life that I’m living is comfortable and can get me where I need to be–where I can survive.  But it isn’t enough to be comfortable.  It isn’t enough to live day to day, simply getting by.  Life is meant to be lived passionately, and sometimes passion is found unexpectedly.  Sometimes life takes turns you’re not quite sure you’re ready to handle.  But you handle them.  You live.  You love.  You laugh at your mistakes.  And you grow.  Sure, I could be happy at Gustavus for the next two and a half years.  But I couldn’t live with myself not knowing what could have been had I taken this leap.  And because of this, I can go forward passionately–even if I’m passionately terrified–on to this new chapter of my life–from this place that has helped mold me into the person I am today to the one that will continue to form who I am tomorrow.  I’m transferring.  Not because I’m homesick or because I can’t stand my roommate.  I’m transferring because, with everything I am, I know that this risk is one that I have to take.  Because it’s time for me to embrace my unexpected passion and see what I’m meant to become.

I love you all and will miss you with all of the fondness my heart can muster.  I wish for you that laughter and passion will accompany wherever life may lead.  Live in joy, embracing the risks you encounter.  God bless.

As the end of the semester is drawing nigh, join Kelsey in some reflection on the risks that you may be confronting in your own life.  Keep going ya’ll!  You’re going to do great!

CVR Love.


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  1. Elaine Mikel says:

    Amen Kels..Love you